12" Infyniti Beaker Bong w/ 10 Arm Tree Percolator

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The 12" Beaker Bong With 10 arm tree perc is an amazing glass water pipe that provides supreme filtration allowing for fat rips! We love it when we see a well designed bong, and this one definitely qualifies. It brings together all its design elements and features in a visually pleasing manner. There is actually 10 fingers percolator inside the bong, but instead of highlighting it the design integrates it subtly. The color is tastefully used with accents to make the end product look as great as it can. The craftsmanship and planning that went into this bong is readily apparent, and it makes for a really good smoking experience.

  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height : 12"
  • Tube : 1.3" / 2.3" (Middle)
  • Base : 4.5"
  • 3 pinched Ice Catcher
  • Thick bowl for 14 mm joint
  • 10 arms percolator
  • Downstem : 4.55
  • Thickness : 4.4 m