​Is Vaping Marijuana Safer Than Smoking? Why Vaping May Be The Best Way To Consume Weed

2020 May 6th

​Is Vaping Marijuana Safer Than Smoking? Why Vaping May Be The Best Way To Consume Weed

Is Vaping Marijuana Safer Than Smoking? Why Vaping May Be The Best Way To Consume Weed

Vaporizing cannabis products such as flower and concentrates has become one of the most popular forms of marijuana consumption in recent years , and is argued to be one of the healthiest, but is vaping the best way to consume weed products?  Let's take a look.


What is Vaporization

Vaporization, when it comes to cannabis products, is the process of heating up the marijuana products through a vaporizer device until its cannabinoids are steamed off into an active vapor, than consuming the vapor, without actually combusting or burning the dry herb or extract.

When cannabis products reach specific temperatures, they release the cannabinoids into an activated vapor that can be inhaled to receive various effects , depending on the cannabinoids. Obviously this is where the consumption method got its name from

Cannabinoids and Their Vaporization Points:

  • THC-A   120 Celsius
  • THC       155 Celsius
  • CBD A   130 Celsius
  • CBD       165 Celsius

Smoking vs Vaping: Health Benefits Of Vaporizing Cannabis

One of the many reasons marijuana users prefer vaporizing cannabis products is due to the potential health risks that are associated with smoking. While smoking cannabis is much healthier than inhaling tobacco, there are still carcinogens in any kind of smoke.

Even smoke from a fireplace or a birthday candle can produce carcinogens and toxins. Using a vaporizer to consume cannabis can also help user avoid throat and lung irritation caused by smoking.

The fact that vaping is combustion free, is one of the main health benefits of vaporizing marijuana products like extract and flower.

Another amazing health benefit the comes from vaping cannabinoids is the instant relief that is delivered versus an edible or a capsule, where the onset of relief can be 45 minutes or more.

When you take a puff off of a vaporizer pen, 95% of the THC is absorbed into the lungs within 5 seconds, providing instant relief.

Are Vapes Healthier Than Bongs?

Because vaporization of cannabis products does not involve burning the material, resulting in thick clouds of unnecessary smoke , vaping a quality marijuana product is much healthier than taking a huge bong hit!

Want proof? Take hit from your vape. Than take a hit from your bong. See how different your lungs feel?

Other Benefits Of Vaping Marijuana Products

Its Discreet

Cannabis vaporizer pens come in all shapes,sizes and styles.

They are often designed to look like everyday items such as e-cigarettes, mp3 players, and even a plain , old ink pen. This makes them discreet, and it is one of the many reasons people choose to vaporize weed products.

When used properly, a cannabis vaporizer pen should not produce any odour at all, as nothing is being combusted. This only adds to a vaporizer pens total discreetness.

On any given day you could walk down the street and see a variety of people, from all walks of life, using vaporizer pens, often designed for nicotine. A good marijuana vaporizer pen will have you blending right in and in better health


Better Flavour

The common theme here is clearly combustion, and again, because of combustion, one of the main benefits of vaporizing cannabis is for a better flavor.

Avoiding the unnecessary carcinogens and impurities caused by igniting your cannabis allows you to experience a much fuller and more enjoyable flavour.


Is Vaping THC Addictive?

While we are not medical experts or addiction specialists, the scientific evidence is clear that cannabis is not addictive for most marijuana users.  

However, this does not mean that individual users who vape cannot become dependent on THC. 

Each person is unique, much like weed itself, and will respond differently to cannibinoids.


While there are a ton of benefits from all forms of cannabis consumption, it is true that some intake methods are healthier and better than others.

Do you think vaporizing is the best way to consume cannabis products? Let us know in the comments!