Dab Rig

Dab Rigs, also known as dab bongs, are the center piece of dabbing culture in Canada. This is the most popular way in Canada to consume extracts like shatter, rosin, wax, budder, distillate, diamonds, thca, sauce and other concentrates. The Blazers Choice online smoke shop has a large selection of affordable dab rigs from the best brands in Canada including glass, acrylic, silicone, recyclers, beakers, bubblers ,straight tubes,adapters, pipes with percolators, ice catches and a wide variety of other dabbing pieces / accessories. We also carry dab tools, dabbers, dab containers, electric e nails, portable e rigs , parts and more.  Dab Rigs / Water pipes will allow you to take huge dabs and provide an amazing dabbing experience.

Shop for the best Dab rigs online in Canada, including deals on dab kits, cheap rigs, non expensive dabber glass, recyclers, incyclers, carb caps, quartz bangers, e rigs and other dabbing accessories available across Canada.