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Buy dab rigs online in Canada! Dab Rigs, also known as dab bongs, are the center piece of dabbing culture in Canada. This is the most popular way in Canada to consume extracts like shatter, rosin, wax, budder, distillate, diamonds, thca, sauce and other concentrates. The Blazers Choice online smoke shop has a large selection of affordable dab rigs from the best brands in Canada including glass, acrylic, silicone, recyclers, beakers, bubblers ,straight tubes,adapters, pipes with percolators, ice catches and a wide variety of other dabbing pieces / accessories. We also carry dab tools, dabbers, dab containers, electric e nails, portable e rigs , parts and more.  Dab Rigs / Water pipes will allow you to take huge dabs and provide an amazing dabbing experience.

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Dab rigs, also known as dab bongs, are smoking devices intended for use with extracts and concentrates like wax, shatter, oil, hash, and other extracts. Dab Rigs are designed so that smoke from banger / nail can flow through water and/or other filtration devices such as diffusers,percolators,condensers, catchers, and coolers. This filters the smoke allowing for tasty, smooth dabs. There are many different types of dabbing devices and deals in our head shop including cheap rigs, bundles, recyclers, straight tubes with downstems, bubblers, acrylic dab pipes, glass dab pipes, silicone dab rigs, e nails, nectar collectors and many more. 7 heady star gazers dab rig - the blazer
Dab Rigs work by melting your concentrate/extract and filtering the smoke from your banger / nail through water and/or other filtration devices such as diffusers, percolators, condensers, coolers, ice catches, ash catchers and other methods. The purpose of the oil ria is to filter out unnecessary smoke and provide users with a nice dab that is smooth and easy on the throat. Canadian's love to dab because it is potent, flavorful and provides amazing effects.6 silicone dab rig rasta - the blazers c
Dab Rigs can be made in many different ways but glass dab rigs are most commonly hand blown by glass makers in a shop using a combination of heat, skill , tools and amazing technique which you can see in the video below.
There is many different ways smokers in Canada choose to approach cleaning their dab rigs.. One method is to use 99% ISO Alcohol and rock salt in combination to clean your rig. Simply poor the alcohol and salt into your oil rig and shake it up until all the residue is removed. If you prefer to not use alcohol, you can use an organic rig cleaner such as Klear Kronic.