The Carta By Focus V

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The Focus V Carta is a state of the art, portable, e-rig/vaporizer. This unique vaping device is one of the only which allows you to vape dry herb or extracts/concentrates. The Carta features a glass top which can hold water for added filtration. The unit includes quartz and titanium buckets for optimal dabs.

Charge your Carta before initial use with the included USB-C charging cable. Next step is adding both 18350 batteries into the bottom of the unit. After that, fill glass top with water, ensuring it’s not overfilled and that the attachment holes line up with base. Unit can be used without water. To change buckets, twist off metal attachment on front of unit, then carefully twist the top black piece in the same direction as the arrows, insert chosen bucket and reassemble.

How to Operate
ON/OFF: 5 clicks
CHANGE TEMP: 1 click
SET TEMP: 1 click
Device will vibrate when temperature is reached.

LED Settings
START-UP: Blinking white
HEATING UP: Blinking blue
READY TO USE: Solid green
LOW BATTERY: Blinking red

Battery Life/Charging
1 Solid Red LED: 25%
2 Solid Red LED’s: 50%
3 Solid Red LED’s: 75%
ALL LED’s: 100%

Temp Settings
Level 1 = 500⁰F/260⁰C
Level 2 = 630⁰F/332⁰C
Level 3 = 770⁰F/410⁰C
Level 4 = 842⁰F/450⁰C
*App is available to customize temperature settings

Focus V Carta has a warranty of 3 years on defective materials used for device and 1 month on atomizers from retail purchase date.


2 18350 batteries
USB-C charging cable
Carb cap
Quartz buckets
Loading tool
Glass top
Wax pod