VLeaf Go By Vivant

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The VLeaf Go is a multi-setting dry herb vape pen intended to provide complete mobility without sacrificing the quality or function of a desktop vaporizer.

The VLeaf Go features a steel chamber where you will place your herb, as well as a scoop function which makes it easy to load. 

To load your VLeaf, scoop your pre-ground herb into the chamber until it is loosely packed.

Once your chamber is loaded and packed place the mouth piece back onto the unit. To turn the vaporizer on, press the button 5 times quickly. 

Once the vaporizer is on, you can choose between 3 temps - Low, Med, High.

To switch between temps, press the button 2 times quickly. 

Green = Low
Yellow = Med
Red = High

Once you have selected your desired temp, you are ready to vaporize. 

To vape, you have two options. You can press the button down, hold it and inhale for as long as you desire or you can enable sesh mode which will allow you to sesh without holding the button down.

To enable the sesh mode function, press the button quickly 3 times. This will allow you to sesh for 30 seconds. You can disengage by pressing the button one time. 

The VLeaf Go is also uniquely designedfor use with a Bong, simply place the mouth piece into your down stem and rip, no need for an adapter. 
The VLeaf Go provides amazing vape hits full of flavour and potency. 

Also included in the box is a USB charger, 1 packing tool, 1 mouth piece cover, 1 cleaning brush, 1 air cooler, 1 mesh, 1 mesh ring, 3 o rings, 1 chamber and 1 seal.